No Artificial flavor, Color or Preservatives

Crispy, Crunchy, Tasty, Nutritious and a Light Snack

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Wel Baked Khakhra


100% Vegetarian. Cholesterol Free.

Mast Masala Khakhra
Oats with Mast Masala Khakhra
Rich Methi Khakhra
Jolly Jeera Khakhra
Kothmir-Marcha Khakhra

Plain Khakhra
Sweet & Salty Khakhra
Oil Free Khakhra
Oats with Sweet & Salty Khakhra

Nachni(Ragi) with Kothmir-Marcha Khakhra
Pav Bhaji Khakhra
Pani Puri Khakhra
Tomato Chilly Khakhra
Chilly Garlic Khakhra
Ginger Chilly Khakhra

Farali Khakhra
Bajri Methi Khakhra
Methi Karela Khakhra

What is Khakhra?

Crispy, crunchy, mouth watering tasty nutritious and a light snack. A popular vegetarian roasted Gujarati Indian thin cracker bread or snack item made from whole wheat flour and oil. A nutritious Indian diet snack.

Fresh green ingredients of best quality are handpicked. Everyday! Grains freshly ground in stone-mill (chakki/ghanti) for everyday production.

Manufactured under the most hygienic conditions. Cholesterol Free. Trans Fat Free (Less than 1%). Energy : 507.5 Kcal (per 100 gm)

Packaging is perfectly safe for national and over-seas shipment.